2015 SESDA Publications

Life Cycle Management Considerations of Remotely Sensed Geospatial Data and Documentation for Long Term Preservation
Khayat, M., Kempler, S. J., 2015, Journal of Map & Geography Libraries: Advances in Geospatial Information, Collections & Archives Volume 11, Issue 3

Linear polarization measurements of Comet C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy) from STEREO
Thompson, W.T. Icarus, 2015, Volume 261, p. 122-132.

The MAVEN Magnetic Field Investigation
Connerney, J.E.P., Espley, J., Lawton, P., Murphy, S., Odom, J., Oliversen, R., Sheppard, D., 2015, Space Science Reviews, DOI 10.1007/s11214-015-0169-4

Stellar Wind Erosion of Protoplanetary Discs
Schnepf, N. R., Lovelace, R. V. E., Romanova, M. M., and Airapetian, V. S., 2015, MNRAS, 448, Issue 2, 1628.

Representations of Time Coordinates in FITS. Time and Relative Dimension in Space
Rots, A.H, Bunclark, P. S., Calabretta, M.R., Allen, S.L., Manchester, R.N., and Thompson, W.T., 2015, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 574, A36.

SunPy – Python for Solar Physics
SunPy Community, The, Mumford, Stuart J, Christe, Steven, Pérez-Suárez, David, Ireland, Jack, Y Shih, Albert, Inglis, Andrew R, Liedtke, Simon, Hewett, Russell J, Mayer, Florian, Hughitt, Keith, Freij, Nabil, Meszaros, Tomas, Bennett, Samuel M, Malocha, Michael, Evans, John, Agrawal, Ankit, Leonard, Andrew J, Robitaille, Thomas P, Mampaey, Benjamin, Iván Campos-Rozo, Jose, Kirk, and Michael S., 2015, eprint arXiv:1505.02563.

Coronal Fourier Power Spectra: Implications for Coronal Seismology and Coronal Heating
Ireland, J., McAteer, R. T. J., and Inglis, A. R., 2015, ApJ., 798, 1.

Evolution of the Far-infrared Cloud at Titan’s South Pole
Jennings, Donald E., Achterberg, R. K., Cottini, V., Anderson, C. M., Flasar, F. M., Nixon, C. A., Bjoraker, G. L., Kunde, V. G., Carlson, R. C., Guandique, E., Kaelberer, M. S., Tingley, J. S., Albright, S. A., Segura, M. E., De Kok, R., Coustenis, A., Vinatier, S., Bampasidis, G., Teanby, N. A., Calcutt, S., ApJ 804 L34.

Electrical interferences observed in the Cassini CIRS spectrometer
Chan, C., Albright, S., Gorius, N., Brasunas, J., Jennings, D., Flasar, F. M., Carlson, R., Guandique, E, Nixon, C., Experimental Astronomy, 28 April 2015.

Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares: Re-Evaluating their Nature in the Context of Flare Fourier Power Spectra
Inglis, A. R., Ireland, J., and Dominique, M., 2015, ApJ, 798, 108.

Achieving Human and Machine Accessibility of Cited Data in Scholarly Publications
Starr, J., Castro, E., Crosas, M., Dumontier, M., Downs, R., Duerr, R., Haak, L., Haendel, M., Herman, I., Hodson, S., Hourcle, J., Kratz, J. Lin, J., Nielsen, L., Nurnberger, A., Prill, S., Rauber., A., Sacchi, S., Smith AP, Taylor M, Clark T., 2015, PeerJ, in press.