2013 SESDA Publications

Equatorial Ionosphere Semiannual Oscillation Investigated from Schumann Resonance Measurements on Board the C/NOFS Satellite
Simões, F., Pfaff, R., Freudenreich, H., Klenzing, J., Rowland, D., Bromund, K., Kepko, L., Le,G. Liebrecht, M.C., Martin, S., and Uribe, P., 2013, Journal of Geophysical Research, 118, 1.

Evolution of the Stratospheric Temperature and Chemical Composition over One Titanian Year
Coustenis, A., Bampasidis, G., Achterberg, R.K, Lavvas, P., Jennings, D.E, Nixon, C.A., Teanby, N.A., Vinatier, S., Flasar, F.M., Carlson, R.C., Orton, G., Romani, P.N., Guandique, E.A., and Stamogiorgos, S., 2013, Astrophysical Journal, 779, 177.

The Sun and The Water Cycle (NASA children’s book and teacher’s guide)
Van Norden, W. , 2013, in press.

Comparison of profile total ozone from SBUV(v8.6) with GOME-type and ground-based total ozone for the 16-year period (1996 to 2011)
E. W. Chiou et al., Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussion, 6, 10081-10115, 2013.

Nine-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Final Maps and Results
Bennett, C.L., et.al., 2013, ApJS., 208, 20B

Nine-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Cosmology Results
Hinshaw, G.F., et.al., 2013, ApJS., 208, 19H

Estimating the Properties of Hard X-Ray Solar Flares by Constraining Model Parameters
Ireland, J., Tolbert, A. K, Schwartz, R. A., Holman, G. D., and Dennis, B. R., 2013, ApJ., 769, 89.

Alternating Twist along an Erupting Prominence
Thompson, W.T., 2013, Solar Physics, 283, 489-504.