2012 SESDA Publications

Thermal and Chemical Structure Variations in Titan’s Stratosphere
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The Thermal Properties of Solar Flares over Three Solar Cycles Using GOES X-ray Observations
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The Extreme-ultraviolet Emission from Sun-grazing Comets
Bryans, P. and Pesnell, W.D., 2012, ApJ, 760, 18.

A Bayesian Analysis of the Correlations among Sunspot Cycles
Yaming,Y., van Dyk, D.A., Kashyap, V. L., and Young, C. A., 2012, Solar Physics,
281, 847-862.

Intercomparison of the LASCO-C2, SECCHI-COR1, SECCHI-COR2, and Mk4 Coronagraphs
Frazin, R.A., Vásquez, A.M., Thompson, W.T., Hewett, R.J., Lamy, P. Llebaria,
A., Vourlidas, A., and Burkepile, J., 2012, Solar Physics, 280, 273-293.

Advancing the Practice of Data Citation: A to-do list.
Hourcle, J., 2012, Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 38, Issue 5.

Non-standard Energy Spectra of Shock-accelerated Solar Particles
Kocharov, L. ,Vainio, R., Pomoell, J., Valtonen, E., Klassen, A., and Young, C.A., 2012, ApJ, 753, 87.

The Height of a White-Light Flare and its Hard X-ray Sources
Martínez Oliveros, J.C., Hudson, H., Hurford, G.J., Krucker, S., Lin, R.P., Lindsey, C., Couvidat, S., Schou, J., and Thompson, W.T, 2012, ApJ (Letters), 753, 26.

A Parametric Study of Erupting Flux Rope Rotation
Kliem, B., Török, T., and Thompson, W. T., 2012, Solar Physics, 281, 137-166.

Comparison of Far-side STEREO Observations of Solar Activity and Active Region Predictions from GONG
Liewer, P.C., Gonzalez Hernandez, I., Hall, J.R., Thompson, W.T., and Misrak, A., 2012, Solar Physics, 281, 3-20.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Education and Outreach (E/PO) Program: Changing Perceptions one Program at a Time
Drobnes, E., Littleton, A., Pesnell, W.D., Buhr, S., Beck, K., Durscher, R., Hill, S., McCaffrey, M., Mckenzie, D.E., Myers, D., Scherrer, D., Wawro, M., and Wolt, A., 2012, Solar Physics, 275, 391.

Photoemission Driven Charging in Tenuous Plasma
M.J. Mandell, V.A., Davis, G.T. Davis, R.H. Maurer, C. Herrman, IEEE Trans on Plasma Science, Vol 40, No. 2, 2012, p. 209.

Surface-Charging Analysis of the Radiation Belt Storm Probe and Magnetospheric MultiScale Spacecraft
V.A. Davis, M.J. Mandell, N.R. Baker, M. Brown-Hayes, G.T. Davis, R.H. Maurer, C. Herrman, IEEE Trans on Plasma Science, Vol 40, No. 2, 2012, p. 262.