2010 SESDA Publications


“Background Emissions During Cold Sky Calibration of Aquarius”, by Saji Abraham, David M. Le Vine, and Emmanuel P. Dinnat 

The Language of EOS Data: Hierarchical Data Format

Larry Klein, Siri Jodha Khalsa, Cid Praderas, Abe Taaheri and Andrey Savtchenko, book chapter published in:  Land Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change: NASA's Earth Observing System and the Science of ASTER and MODIS, Springer

A Refined Orbital Solution and the Transient Pulsar in Terzan 5 is Not Eclipsing

Strohmayer, T. E., Markwardt, C. B., Pereira, D., Smith, E. A., Astronomer's Telegram #2946

Faint NUV/FUV Standards from Swift/UVOT, GALEX and SDSS Photometry

Siege, M. H., Hoversten, E.A., Roming, P. W. A., Landsman, W. B., Prieto, C. A., Breeveld, A. A., Brown P., Holland, S. T. , Kuin, N. P. M., Page, M. J., Berk., D. E. V.,  Astrophysical Journal, accepted.

The Semantic Web in Federated Information Systems: A Space Physics Case Study

Narock, T., Szabo, A., Yoon, V., and Merka, J., Journal of Information Technology, Theory and Application, in press

#SDOisGo: Using Social Media to Create Community

Van Doren, A., Wolt, A., & Drobnes, E., Astronomical Society of the Pacific, in press

Strong Rotation of an Erupting Quiescent Polar Crown Prominence

Thompson, W. T., Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, in press

Environmental Changes in Siberia- Regional Changes and their Global Consequences

SESDA II team members prepared book chapter entitled “GIOVANNI Data and Information System for the NEESPI” to be published by Springer by reviewers Garik Gutman and Pasha Groisman.

Statistical Analysis of a Full Solar cycle of Coronal Mass Ejection Mass and Energy Measurements from LASCO

Vourlidas, A., Howard, R.A., Patsourakos, P., Esfandiari, E., and Yashiro, S., 2010, ApJ, submitted.

New Data Sets and Analysis Capabilities in Giovanni

J. Acker, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Oceans 2010 Meeting

Influence of Averaging Method on the Evaluation of a Coastal Ocean Color Event on the U.S. Northeast Coast

J. Acker, Stephanie Schollaert Uz, Suhung Shen, and Greg Leptoukh, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Oceans 2010 Meeting

Analysis of Cassini/CIRS limb Spectra of Titan Acquired During the Nominal Mission. II: Aerosol Extinction Profiles in the 600-1420 cm-1 Spectral Range

Vinatier, S., Bézard,B., de Kok,R., Anderson,C.M., Samuelson, R.E, Nixon,C.A, Mamoutkine,A.,Carlson, R.C.,Jennings,D.E., Guandique,E.A., Bjoraker, G. L., Flasar,M.F., Kunde, V.G., Icarus, in press.

Comprehensive Analysis of Coronal Mass Ejection Mass and Energy Properties Over a Full Solar Cycle

Vourlidas, A., Howard, R.A., Patsourakos, S., Esfandiari, E., Yashiro, S., Michalek, G., 2010, ApJ, submitted.

Strong Rotation of an Erupting Quiescent Polar Crown Prominence

Thompson, W.T, 2010, Solar Physics, submitted.

Automated Detection of Oscillating Regions in the Solar Atmosphere

Ireland, J., Marsh, M. S., Kucera, T. A., Young, C. A., 2010, Solar Physics, 264, 403.

Evidence of a Plasmoid-Looptop Interaction and Magnetic Inflows during a Solar Flare/CME Eruptive Event

Milligan, R. O., McAteer, R. T. J, Dennis, B. R., Young, C. A., 2010, ApJ, 713, 1292.

Relation Between Type II Bursts and CMEs Inferred from STEREO Observations

Gopalswamy, N., Thompson, W. T., Davila, J. M., Kaiser, M. L., Yashiro, S.,  Mäkelä, P., Michalek, G., Bougeret, J.-L., and Howard, R. A., 2009, Solar Physics, 259, 227-254.

Use of the FITS World Coordinate System by STEREO/SECCHI

Thompson, W. T. and Wei, K., 2010, Solar Physics, 261, 215-222.

Three-Dimensional Polarimetric Coronal Mass Ejection Localization Tested Through Triangulation

 Moran, T. G., Davila, J. M., and Thompson, W. T., 2010, Ap. J., 712, 453-458.

Background Subtraction for the SECCHI/COR1 Telescope Aboard STEREO

Thompson, W. T., Wei, K., Burkepile, J. T., Davila, J. M., and St. Cyr, O. C., 2010, Solar Physics, 262, 213-231.

Precision Effects for Solar Image Coordinates within the FITS World Coordinate System

Thompson, W. T., 2010, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 515, A59.