2009 SESDA Publications

Prototyping the Multi-Sensor Interdisciplinary Water Cycle Data Portal

S. J. Kempler; W. L. Teng; G. Leptoukh; B. Vollmer; Z. Liu

Seven Year Climatologies derived from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)

T. J. Hearty; A. K. Savtchenko; Y. Won; M. Theobald; B. Vollmer; E. Manning; P. M. Smith; D. Ostrenga

NASA Goddard GIOVANNI Support for HTAP

N. P. Kurkowski; G. G. Leptoukh; A. V. Mehta; K. Bryant; J. Pan; H. Rui; D. da Silva; R. B. Husar

Improving World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates by Integrating NASA Remote Sensing Soil Moisture Data into USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board Decision Making Environment

W. L. Teng; R. A. De Jeu; P. C. Doraiswamy; S. J. Kempler; H. D. Shannon

NASA Satellite and Model Data and Services to Support NEESPI and MAIRS

S. Shen; G. G. Leptoukh; I. Gerasimov

New Capabilities in TRMM Precipitation Data Services at NASA GES DISC

Z. Liu; D. Ostrenga; G. G. Leptoukh; S. J. Kempler; W. L. Teng

NASA Goddard Giovanni Support for YOTC

D. Ostrenga; G. G. Leptoukh; D. E. Waliser

Access, Visualization, Analysis and Usage of Terrestrial Hydrological Data From NASA's Hydrology Data and Information Services Center (HDISC)

H. Fang; H. K. Beaudoing; D. M. Mocko; M. Rodell; W. L. Teng; B. Vollmer

Analysis of Cassini/CIRS Limb Spectra of Titan Acquired During the Nominal Mission. I: Hydrocarbons, Nitriles, and CO2 Vertical Mixing Ratio Profiles

Vinatier, S., Bézard, B., Nixon, C.A., Mamoutkine, A., Carlson, R.C, Jennings, D.E, Guandique, E.A., Teanby, N.A., Bjoraker, G.L., Flasar, M.F, & Kunde, V.G. (2009), Icarus, in press.

“Extra! Extra! Read All About the Universe!”

in The Science Teacher, November 2009 issue. (The Science Teacher is NSTA’s peer-reviewed journal for secondary science teachers). Authors: James Lochner and Barbara Mattson

Wide Field Camera 3 CCD quantum efficiency hysteresis: characterization and mitigation

Nicholas R. Collins, Nicholas Boehm, Gregory Delo, Roger D. Foltz, Robert J. Hill, Emily Kan, Randy A. Kimble, Eliot Malumuth, Robert Rosenberry, Augustyn Waczynski, Yiting Wen, Sylvia Baggett, Howard Bushouse, Susana Deustua, Jessica Kim-Quijano, John MacKenty, Andre Martel, and Elena Sabbi

Proc. SPIE Vol. 7439, 74390B (Sep. 17, 2009)

Interaction of hurricane Katrina with optically complex water in the Gulf of Mexico: interpretation using satellite derived inherent optical properties and chlorophyll concentration.

Acker, J.G., Lyon, P.E., Hoge, F.E., Shen, S., Roffer, M., and Gawlikowski, G. (2009). Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 6(2), 209-213.

The NASA NEESPI data portal to support studies of climate and environmental changes in non-boreal Europe

Shen, S., Leptoukh, G., Loboda, T., Csiszar, I., Romanov, P., and Gerasimov, I. (2009). (pp. 9-16). In Regional Aspects of Climate-Terrestrial-Hydrologic Interactions in Non-boreal Eastern Europe, Groisman, Pavel Ya and Ivanov, Sergiy (Eds.), Springer, 255.

Relation Between Type II Bursts and CMEs Inferred from STEREO Observations

by Gopalswamy, N., Thompson, W. T., Davila, J. M.,Kaiser, M. L.,Yashiro, S., Mäkelä, P., Michalek, G., Bougeret, J.-L., and Howard, R. A., 2009, Solar Physics.

WFC3/CCD Quantum Efficiency Hysteresis

N. Collins et al., SPIE Optics+Photonics conference proceedings, 2009

NASA Education and Educational Technologies Exemplified by the Space Weather Action Center Program

by Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis, Claudio Andre, Troy D. Cline, Timothy E. Eastman, Margaret J. Maher4, Louis A. Mayo, and Elaine M. Lewis

A Catalog of Coronal "EIT Wave" Transients

by Thompson, B.J & Myers, D.C., 2009, Ap.J. Supplement, 183, 225.

JHelioviewer – Visualizing Large Sets of Solar Images Using JPEG 2000

by Mueller, D., Dimitoglou, G., Caplins, B., Ireland J., Wamsler, B., Hughitt, K., Agheksanterian, A., Amadigwe, D., & Fleck, B., 2009, Computing in Science and Engineering, in press.

Galactic clusters with associated Cepheid variables – VII

by D. G. Turner, D. Forbes, D. English, P. J. T. Leonard, J. N. Scrimger, A. W. Wehlau, R. L. Phelps, L. N. Berdnikov, E. N. Pastukhova, Berkeley 58 and CG Cassiopeiae (p 444-456)

Does Collinder 236 host a Cepheid calibrator?

by D.G. Turner, D. Forbes, P.J.T. Leonard, M. Abdel-Latif, D.J.Majaess, L.N.Berdnikov, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 396, 2009

Effective interpolation of incomplete satellite-derived leaf-area index time series for the continental United States.

by Borak, J.S. and M.F. Jasinski (2009), Agricultural and Forest Meteorology149:320-332.

Complementary Frameworks of Scientific Inquiry: Hypothetico-Deductive, Hypothetico-Inductive, and Observational-Inductive,

by Farzad Mahootian and Timothy Eastman, World Futures

The Kinematics of Coronal Mass Ejections Using Multiscale Methods

by Byrne, J. P., Gallagher, P. T., McAteer, R. T. J., & Young, C. A., 2009, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 495, 325.

Automated detection of EUV Polar Coronal Holes during Solar Cycle 23

by Kirk, M. S., Pesnell, W. D., Young, C. A., & Hess Webber, S. A. 2009, Solar Physics, 257, 99.

Stereoscopic Analysis of the 19 May 2007 Erupting Filament

by Liewer, P. C., de Jong, E. M., Hall, J. R., Howard, R. A., Thompson, W. T., Culhane, J. L., Bone, L., & van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., 2009, Solar Physics, 256, 57.

STEREO SECCHI and S/WAVES Observations of Spacecraft Debris Caused by Micron-Size Interplanetary Dust Impacts

by St. Cyr, O. C., Kaiser, M. L., Meyer-Vernet, N., Howard, R. A., Harrison, R. A., Bale, S. D., Thompson, W. T., Goetz, K., Maksimovic, M., Bougeret, J.-L., Wang, D., & Crothers, S., 2009, Solar Physics, 256, 475.

The Virtual Solar Observatory—A Resource for International Heliophysics Research

by Hill, F., Martens, P.,Yoshimura, K., Gurman, J., Hourclé, J., Dimitoglou, G., Suárez-Solá, I., Wampler, S., Reardon, K., Davey, A., Bogart, R.S., & Tian, K.Q., 2009, Earth, Moon, and Planets, 104, 315.

How The Solar Wind Ties To Its Photospheric Origins

by Leamon, R.J., and S.W. McIntosh, 2009 ApJ Letters, 697, L28.

3-D Triangulation of a Sun-grazing Comet

by Thompson, W. T., 2009, Icarus, 200, 351-357.

EUV Wave Reflection from a Coronal Hole

by N. Gopalswamy, S. Yashiro, M. Temmer, J. Davila, W. T. Thompson, S. Jones, R. T. J. McAteer, J.-P. Wuelser, S. Freeland, and R. A. Howard, 2009, Ap. J. Letters, 691, 123-127.