2015 SESDA Conferences

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting
San Francisco, CA – December 14-18, 2015

  • The Planetary Data System – Renewing Our Science Nodes in Order to Better Serve Our Science Community, T. H Morgan, McLaughlin S, Grayzeck, E.,Knopf W., New, M., McNutt, R. and Crichton D. J.
  • UUI: Unified User Interface to Support Effective and Intuitive Data Discovery, Dissemination, and Analysis at NASA GES DISC, M. Petrenko, M. Hegde, K. Bryant, J. Johnson, A. Ritrivi, S. Shen, B. Vollmer, L. Pham
  • Explore GPM IMERG and Other Global Precipitation Products with GES DISC GIOVANNI, Z. Liu, D. Ostrenga, Bruce Vollmer, K. Macritchie, Steve Kempler
  • Long-Term Global Aerosol Products from NASA Reanalysis MERRA-2 Available at GES DISC, S. Shen, D. Ostrenga, B. Vollmer
  • NASA GES DISC aerosol analysis and visualization services, J. Wei, Charles Ichoku, M. Petrenko, W. Yang, A. Albayrak, P. Zhao, J. Johnson, S. Kempler
  • Federated Giovanni: multi-sensor data sharing and visualization, M. Hegde, C. Lynnes, J. Acker, S. Kempler, E. Seiler, J. Davis, R. Strub, K. Bryant, C. Smit, P. Zhao, C. Mattmann, R. Laidlaw, J. Hausman, R. Lossing, S. Bailey, V. Kalb, C. Hendrix
  • Application of data cubes for improving detection of water cycle extreme events, W. Teng, A. Albayrak
  • Modeling Probability Distributions of Hydrologic Variables from NLDAS to Identify Water Cycle Extremes, G. Espinoza, D. Arctur, D. Maidment, W. Teng
  • Between a Map and a Data Rod, W. Teng, H. Rui, R. Strub, B. Vollmer
  • Educator Uses of Data-Enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE), An Online System for Accessing a Vast Portal of NASA Earth System Data Known As the Goddard Interactive Online Visualization and Analysis Infrastructure (GIOVANNI), D. Zalles, J. Acker
  • The NASA 2017 Eclipse Program, Young, C.A., Mayo, L., Cline, T., Ng, C., and Stephenson, B.
  • Engaging Scientists in Education: The Benefits of Teacher – Researcher Pairs, Mayo, L.
  • Small Worlds Week, Ng, C., Mayo, L, Stephenson, B., Keck, A., Cline, T., and Lewis, E.
  • ExoCube INMS with Neutral Hydrogen Mode, Jones, S., Paschalidis, N., Rodriguez, M., Sittler, E., Chornay, D., Uribe, P., and Cameron, T.
  • Spatial variation of AIA coronal Fourier Power Spectra, Ireland, J. and McAteer, R. T. J.
  • The Dynamics of Coronal-Hole Boundaries, Higginson, A.K., Antiochos, S.K., DeVore C.R., Wyper, P. F., and Zurbuchen, T. H.
  • Chemical Impact of Paleo SEPs: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry and FYS Paradox, Airapetian, V.S., Gronoff, G., Hebrard, E., and Danchi, W.
  • Cosmic Rays Interaction with Comets and its Impact on Cometary Isotopic and Chemical Composition, Gronoff, G., Maggiore, R., Mertens, C., Airapetian, V. S., De Keyser, J., and Cessateur, G.
  • Performance Measurements of the Flight Detector for SPICE on Solar Orbiter, Thompson, W.T., Davila, J., Caldwell, M., and Siegmund, O.
  • SPDF Data and Orbit Services Supporting Open Access, Use and Archiving of MMS Data, McGuire, R., Bilitza, D., Candey, R., Chimiak, R., Cooper, J., Garcia, L., Harris, B., Johnson, R., Kovalick, T., Lal, N., Leckner, H., Liu, M., Papitashvili, N., Roberts, A., and Yurow, R.
  • SPDF Ancillary Services and Technologies Supporting Open Access, Use and Archiving of MMS Data, Candey, R., Bilitza, D., Chimiak, R., Cooper, J., Garcia, L., Harris, B., Johnson, R., Kovalick, T., Lal, N., Leckner, H., Liu, M., McGuire, R., Papitashvili, N., Roberts, A., and Yurow, R.

Girl Scout Central Maryland Women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Festival
Baltimore, MD – November 14, 2015

USENIX Large Installation System Administration (LISA)
Washington, DC – 9-10 November 2015

AAS Division of Planetary Sciences
National Harbor Washington, DC – November 8-13, 2015

  • Abiotic Production of NO3 in the Atmosphere of Early Mars, Airapetian, J., Gronoff, G., and Hebrard, E.

The National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP) meeting and the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) annual conference
National Harbor, Washington, DC – October 29-31, 2015

Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era
Coimbra, Portugal – October 5-9, 2015

  • The Visualization of Solar Data: Volume, Variety and Value, Ireland, J.

Eclipse 2017 Workshop
Portland, OR – August 22-23, 2015

  • The Role of NASA, Mayo, L., Lewis, E., and Ng, C.

29th International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly
Honolulu, HI – August 3-14, 2015

  • Magnetic Coupling of Chromospheres and Winds From Late Type Evolved Stars: Role of MHD Waves, Airapetian, V.
  • 3D Global Coronal Density and Magnetic Field Structures during Solar Minimum and Maximum, Airapetian, V.
  • The Early Earth Under a Superflare and Super-Coronal Mass Ejection Attack: Prospects For Life, Airapetian, V.
  • Search For Water and Life’s Building Blocks in the Universe (poster), Airapetian, V.
  • Coronal Seismology: Inferring Magnetic Fields and Exploring Damping Mechanism, McAteer, R. T. J. and Ireland, J.

Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) Technical Meeting
Boulder, CO – July 12-18, 2015

Small Worlds Week
Greenbelt, MD – July 6-10, 2015

Solar, Heliospheric and Interplanetary Environment (SHINE) Meeting
Stowe, VT – July 6-10, 2015

  • 3D Simulations of Helmet Streamer Dynamics and Implications for the Slow Solar Wind, Higginson, A.K., Antiochos, S.K., DeVore, C.R., and Zurbuchen, T.H.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Meeting
Philadelphia, PA – June 28 – July 1, 2015

Second Planetary Data Workshop
Flagstaff, AZ – June 8-11, 2015

Maker Faire Bay Area 2015
San Francisco, CA – May 16-17, 2015

Triennial Earth-Sun Summit (TESS)
Indianapolis, IN – April 26-30, 2015

  • Current STEREO Status on the Far Side of the Sun, Thompson, W., Gurman, J, Ossing, D., Luhmann, J., Curtis, D., Schroeder, P., Mewaldt, R., Davis, A., Wortman, K., Russell, C., Galvin, A., Kistler, L., Ellis, L., Howard, R., Vourlidas, A., Rich, N., Hutting, L., Maksimovic, M., Bale, S., and Goetz, K.
  • 3D Simulations of Helmet Streamer Dynamics and Implications for the Slow Solar Wind, Higginson, A., Antiochos, S., DeVore, C., and Zurbuchen, T.
  • Coronal Fourier Power Spectra: Implications for Coronal Seismology and Coronal Heating, Ireland, J., McAteer, R. T. J and Inglis, A. R.
  • The Bursty Nature of Solar Flare X-ray Emission, McAteer, R. T. J, Young, C. A., Ireland, J., and Gallagher, P. T.
  • The Radiated Energy Budget Of Chromospheric Plasma In A Major Solar Flare Deduced From Multi-Wavelength Observations, Milligan R. O., Kerr, G. S., Dennis B., Hudson, H., Fletcher, L., Allred, J., Chamberlin, P., Ireland, J., Mathioudakis, M., and Keenan, F.
  • How Can We Interpret and Understand Pulsations in Solar Flare Emission? A Bayesian Model Comparison Approach, Inglis, A. R., Ireland, J., and Dominique, M.
  • Solar and Heliospheric Signatures of an Unusual Jet event on 20 November 2012, Ireland, J., de NolfoG., and Ryan, J. M.
  • The Helioviewer Project: Solar and Heliospheric Data Visualization, Stys, J. E., Ireland, J., and Mueller, D.
  • SunPy: Solar Physics in Python, Ryan, D., Christe, S., Mumford, M., Perez Suarez,, D., Ireland, J., Shih, A. Y., Inglis, A. R., Liedtke, S., and Hewett, R.
  • Automated Wave Analysis and Reduction in EUV (AWARE): a Tool for the Detection and Characterization of EUV Waves, Inglis, A. R., Ireland, J., Christe, S., Shih, A. Y., and Hayes, L.
  • Data Realities: Citation Equals Funding, Hourcle, J.A.
  • Data Citation in Solar Physics: 2015 Update & Recommendations, Hourcle, J.A.
  • Results of a Survey of Long-Term Archiving Implementations, Gurman, J.B. and Spencer, J.L.

DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop
Silver Spring, MD – April 11-12, 2015

Research Data Alliance Fifth Plenary Meeting
San Diego, CA – March 8-11, 2015

  • Dynamic Data: Solar Physics, Hourcle, J.A.

Cassini CIRS team meeting
Oxford, England

  • “Global Calibration and DS4000” and “Recent results on ZPD and LTGA (locally tuned grand average)”

Federation of Earth Science Information Partners Winter Meeting
Washington, DC – January 6-8, 2015

  • Human & Machine Actionable Data Citations, Hourcle, J.A., Duerr, R., and Downs, R.