2011 SESDA II Conferences

Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) Conference
Boston, MA – December 7-9, 2011

Second Asia/Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users Conference
Tokyo – December 6-9, 2011

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
San Francisco, CA – December 5-9, 2011

  • Helioviewer.org: Simple Solar and Heliospheric Data Visualization
    Hughitt, V.K., Ireland J., and Mueller, D.

  • Automatic Detection and Characterization of EIT Waves Observed by AIA Data
    Christe, S., Hughitt, V.K, Ireland, J., Young, C.A., Shih, A.Y., Earnshaw, M.D., and Mayer, F.

  • The Helioviewer Project: Making Petabytes of Images Available to Everyone (Invited)
    Ireland, J., Hughitt, V.K., and Mueller, D.

  • JHelioviewer: Open-Source Software for Discovery and Image Access in the Petabyte Age
    Mueller, D., Dimitoglou, G., Garcia Ortiz, J.P., Langenberg, M., Nuhn, M., Dau, A., Pagel, S., Schmidt, L., Hughitt, V.K., Ireland, J., and Fleck, B.

  • Formation of a Flux Rope within a Pre-eruptive Prominence
    Thompson, W. T.

  • Review of Provenance Metadata in Solar Physics Data Archives
    Hourcle, J.A.

  • Improvements to the Virtual Solar Observatory
    Davey, A.R., Hourcle, J.A., Suarez Sola, F.I., Hughitt, V.K., and Mayer, F.

  • Statistical Mapping of Bursty Bulk Flows in the Magnetosphere Supported by the Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory
    Merka, J., Sibeck, D. G., and Narock, T. W.

  • Linking Open Research Data for Earth and Space Science Informatics
    Rozell, E. and Narock, T. W.

  • Semantic Solutions to Heliophysics Data Access
    Narock, T. W., Vandergriff, J. D., and Weigel, R. S.

  • The Service Environment for Enhanced Knowledge and Research (SEEKR) Framework
    King, T. A., Walker, R. J., Weigel, R. S., Narock, T. W., McGuire, R. E., and Candey, R. M.

  • The EUV Emission in Comet-Solar Corona Interactions
    Bryans, P., Pesnell, W. D., Schrijver, C. J., Brown, J. C., Battams, K., Saint-Hilaire, P., Liu, W., and Hudson, H. S.

  • An Automated Survey of Three and Five Minute Oscillations in Active Regions
    Ireland, J. and Young, C. A.

  • The Connection between Small Gamma-ray Flares and SEPs with Comptel/CGRO
    de Nolfo, G. A. and Young, C. A.

  • Small Solar Flares: A C4 Gamma-ray Line Flare Observed by the COMPTEL CGRO
    Young, C. A., de Nolfo, G. A., and Ryan, J. M.

  • Interpretation of the 1991 June 11 High-Energy Solar Flare
    Ryan, J. M. and Young, C. A.

  • SDO Citizen Scientists; The Camilla Space Weather Project
    Wawro, M. and Durscher, R.

  • NASA SDO Social Media – An Interactive Experience
    Durscher, R. and Wawro, M.

  • Improvement of OMI ozone profile retrievals in the troposphere and lower stratosphere by use of a tropopause-based ozone profile climatology
    Juseon Bak, Xiong Liu, Jennifer C. Wei, Laura L. Pan, Jae H. Kim, Kelly Chance, Christopher D. Barnet

  • Climate change impacts on North Dakota: agriculture and hydrology
    Andrei Kirilenko, Xiaodong Zhang, Yeo Lim, William L Teng

  • A Semantic Representation of Product Quality and Evidence for Satellite Data
    Stephan Zednik, Gregory G Leptoukh, Peter Arthur Fox, Christopher Lynnes, Patrick West, Suraiya P Ahmad

  • Using Open and Interoperable Ways to Publish and Access LANCE AIRS Near-Real Time Data
    Peisheng Zhao, Christopher Lynnes, Bruce Vollmer, Andrey Savtchenko, Wenli Yang

  • Retrospective Analog Year Analyses Using NASA Satellite Data to Improve USDA's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
    William L Teng, Harlan D Shannon

  • Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Projects Data and Services at the GES DISC
    Bruce Vollmer, Dana Ostrenga, Andrey K Savtchenko, James Edward Johnson, Jennifer Chu-Feng Wei, William L Teng, Irina Gerasimov (Thomas Hearty)

  • AeroStat: NASA Giovanni Tool for Statistical Intercomparison of Aerosols
    Jennifer Wei, Maksym Petrenko, Gregory Leptoukh, Chris Lynnes, Daniel da Silva, Mahabaleshwara Hegde, and Charles Ichoku

  • Facilitating NASA Earth Science Data Processing Using Nebula Cloud Computing
    Aijun Chen, Long Pham, Steven Kempler, Michael Theobald, Esfandiari Asghar, Jane Campino, Bruce Vollmer, Christopher Lynnes

  • Observational Sensitivity to Climate Variability using AIRS/Aqua and MERRA
    Thomas J Hearty, Eric Fetzer, Baijun Tian, Yuk L Yung, Bruce Vollmer, Andrey K Savtchenko, Peter M Smith, Michael Theobald, Dana Ostrenga

  • Newly Released TRMM Version 7 Products, GPCP Version 2.2 Precipitation Dataset and Data Services at NASA GES DISC
    Dana Ostrenga, Zhong Liu, William L Teng, Bhagi Trivedi, Steven Kempler

  • NASA Giovanni Portals for NLDAS/GLDAS Online Visualization, Analysis, and Intercomparison
    Hualan Rui, William L Teng, Bruce E Vollmer, David M Mocko, Hiroko K Beaudoing, Matthew Rodell

  • Determining the Completeness of the Nimbus Meteorological Data Archive
    James Edward Johnson, John Firor Moses, Steven Kempler, Emily Zamkoff, Atheer Al-Jazrawi, Irina Gerasimov, Bhagirath Trivedi

  • Global Deep Blue Aerosol climatology from SeaWiFS in comparison to MODIS: Evaluation, Variability and Applications
    T. Kunhikrishnan, Jennifer Wei, Gregory G Leptoukh, Corey Bettenhausen, Andrew M Sayer, Christina Hsu

  • MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth Bias Adjustment using Machine Learning Algorithms
    Arif Albayrak, Jennifer Wei, Maksym Petrenko, David Lary, and Gregory Leptoukh

  • Aquarius third stokes parameter measurements: Initial results
    C. Utku, D. M. Le Vine, S. Abraham and J. Piepmeir.

  • Validation of radiative transfer models at L-band using Aquarius measurements
    E. Dinnat, D. M. Le Vine, S. Abraham, P. de Mattheis and C. Utku.

The Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) Asia Workshop

Pecora 18 Conference
Dulles, VA – November 14-16, 2011

Solar Dynamics Observatory EPO Retreat
Savannah, GA – November 10-12, 2011

Heliophysics Data and Model Consortium Workshop
Lanham, MD – November 8-9, 2011

2011 Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Science Team Meeting
Denver, CO – November 7, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Environmental Literacy Summit
Chevy Chase, MD – November 2, 2011

Open Data for Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
LIGO, Louisiana – Oct 27-28, 2011

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) National Conf.
San Jose, CA – Oct. 27-30

  • Booth support and material provided

The 12th RHESSI Workshop
Nanjing, China – October 17-21, 2011

  • Uncertainties in RHESSI Hard X-ray Spectral-fit Parameters, Ireland, J.

Association of Science and Technical Centers Annual Conference
Baltimore, MD – October 15-17, 2011

European Planetary Science Congress
Nantes, France – October 2-7, 2011

  • Removing Artifacts in the Calibration of Cassini CIRS Spectra of Saturn and Titan, Carlson, R.C., Guandique, E.A, Jennings, D.E., Albright, S.A., Pilorz, S.H., Brasunas, J.C.,  Kunde, V.G., Flasar, F.M.,  Gorius, N.J.P., Mamoutkine, A.A., Nixon, C.A., Bjoraker, G.L., Achterberg, R.K., Coustenis, A., Bampasidis, G., Hesman, B.E., Tingley, J.S.,  Kaelberer, M.S., Vinatier, S., and Cottini, V.

American Astronomical Society / High Energy Astrophysics Division meeting
Newport, RI – September 7-10, 2011

VMWorld 2011
Las Vegas, NV – August 28-September 1, 2011

DataCite's Summer Meeting: Data and the Scholarly Record, the Changing Landscape, hosted by the California Digital Library
Berkeley, CA – August 24-25, 2011

Board of Research Data and Information, Policy and Global Affairs Division, National Research Council, in collaboration with the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices
Berkeley, CA – August 22-23

Heliophysics Forum Community Retreat
Baltimore, MD – August 4-5

Astronomical Society of the Pacific 2011 Conference
Baltimore, MD – August 1-3

  • SDO Citizen Scientists: The Camilla Space Weather Project, Wawro, M., Van Doren A., Durscher, R.

  • NASA Little SDO Social Media — An Engaging and Interactive Experience, Durscher, R., Wawro, M.

  • NASA Family Science Night: Changing Perceptions One Family at a Time, Wawro, M., Drobnes E., Noel-Storr, J., Mitchell S.

STEREO-4/SDO2/SOHO-25: The Sun 360
Kiel, Germany – July 25-29

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (IGARSS)
Vancouver, Canada – July 25-29

21st Century Community Learning Centers 2011 Conference
National Harbor, MD – July 25-27

  • NASA Family Science Night: Changing Perceptions One Family at a Time, Drobnes, E., Noel-Storr, J., Mitchell, S., Wawro, M.

Heliophysics Educator Ambassador Program Workshop
Chicago, IL- July 20-22

  • Solar Dynamics Observatory: Our Eye on the Sun, Wawro, M.

15th Annual Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Partner Meeting
Bethesda, Maryland – July 17-22

Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
Santa Fe, NM – July 12-15

Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy V
State College, PA – June 14-17

7×24 Exchange Spring 2011 Conference
Orlando, FL – June 13-14

  • Space Weather: A Brief Overview, Solar Flares and CMES: Why Should You Care, Young, A. C.

American Astronomical Society (AAS) – Solar Physics Division (SPD)
Las Cruces, NM – June 12-16

  • Comparison of Vector Magnetograms from the Solenoidal and Irrotational Components of the Magnetic Field, Bryans, P., Pesnell, W. D.

  • Bayesian Analysis of RHESSI Flare Data: Effect of Prior Information on Determining the Low-energy Cutoff and the Total Electron Content, Ireland, J., Holman, G., Tolbert, K., Dennis, B. R., Schwartz, R. A.

  • Accessing SDO Data : The Poster, Hourcle, J., Addison, K., Bogart, R., Chamberlin, P., Freeland, S., Hughitt, V. K., Ireland, J., Maddox, M., Mueller, D., Somani, A.

  • The Helioviewer Project: Solar Data Visualization and Exploration,
    Hughitt, V., Ireland, J., Müller, D., García Ortiz, J., Dimitoglou, G., Fleck, B.

  • Virtual Solar Observatory: Web Interface Update, Hughitt, V. Keith, Davey, A., Hourcle, J., Suarez-Sola, I.

  • Solar Dynamics Observatory Pipeline Data Throughput Considerations, Suarez Sola, F. I.; Amezcua, A.; Davey, A.; Hourcle, J.; VSO Team.

  • Viewing The Entire Sun With STEREO And SDO, Thompson, W.T., Gurman, J. B., Kucera, T. A., Howard, R. A., Vourlidas, A., Wuelser, J., Pesnell, D.

  • Comparison of Farside Observations of Solar Activity from STEREO's Extreme UltraViolet Imager and the Global Oscillations Network Group (GONG), Liewer, P. C., Gonzalez-Hernandez, I., Thompson, W. T., Hall, J. R., Hill, F.

  • STEREO COR1-A/B Intercalibration at 180 Degrees Separation, Thompson, W. T.

CIRS Team Meeting
Paris, France – June 8

  • Global Calibration FP3, FP4: Status, Mamoutkine, A.

The World Science Festival's Science on Site Event
Governors Island, NY – June 4

American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Boston, MA – May 22-26

The First LWS/SDO Workshop: "The Many Spectra of Solar Activity"
Squaw Valley, CA – May 1-5

  • JHelioviewer – Open-Source Software for Discovery and Image Access in the Petabyte Age, Mueller, D., Dimitoglou, G., Langenberg, M., Nuhn, M., Garcia Ortiz, J.P., Dau, A.,Pagel, S., Schmidt, L., Hughitt, V.K, Ireland, J., Fleck, B.

  • The Helioviewer Project or How to Let Everyone Easily Browse Petabytes of Solar and Heliospheric Data, Ireland, J., Hughitt, V.K., Mueller, D., Fleck, B.

  • Exploration Station and AstroZone; Where the Public Meets Science, Wawro, M., Drobnes-Etesi, E., Van Doren, A., Durscher, R.

  • SDO E/PO: The Next Generation, Drobnes, E., Addison, K., Durscher, R., Hill, S., McKenzie, D.E., Myers, D., Morton, E., Scherrer, D.

  • NASA Family Science Night: Changing Perceptions One Family at a Time, Drobnes-Etesi, E., Pesnell, D., Wawro, M., Addison, K., Mitchell, S.E., Noel-Storr, J.,Van Doren, A.

  • NASA Little SDO Social Media – An Engaging and Interactive Experience, Durscher, R., Wawro, M.

  • SDO citizen scientists; The Camilla Space Weather Project, Wawro, M, Van Doren, A., Addison, K., Durscher, R.

  • Comparison of Vector Magnetograms from the Solenoidal and Irrotational Components of the Magnetic Field, Bryans, P.

ISSTT (International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology)
Tucson, AZ – April 25-28

Next-Generation Data.Gov Launch Workshop
Washington, DC – April 14, 2011

HELIO Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop
Dublin, Ireland – April 11-13, 2011

EGU General Assembly
Vienna, Austria – April 3-8, 2011

IA Summit
Denver, Colorado – April 1-3, 2011

Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit, American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
Denver, Colorado – March 31 – April 1, 2011

  • Vocabulary for Virtual Observatories and Data Systems (v2), Hourcle, J.A. and King, T.A.

Fourth Solar Orbiter Workshop
Telluride, Colorado – March 27-31,  2011

Land Processes DAAC and Oak Ridge National Laboratory User Working Group Meetings
Annapolis, MD – March 9 – 10,  2011

American Chemical Society (ACS)
Anaheim, CA – March 27-31,  2011

AAS Goddard Symposium
March 30-31,  2011

NASA/NOAA/NSF Climate Change Education Principal Investigators Meeting
George Mason University

National Science Teachers Association Conference
San Francisco, CA – March 9-12,  2011

European Geosciences Union
Vienna, Austria – April 3 – 8,  2011

GeoData 2011, NSF Sponsored Invited Workshop
Broomfield, CO – March 2 – 4,  2011

177th Advancement of Science (AAAS) Meeting
Washington, DC – February 17 – 21,  2011

International Public Science Events Conference
Washington, DC – February 16 – 17, 2011

217th American Astronomical Society Meeting
Seattle, WA – January 09 – 13,  2011

International Year of Chemistry Opening Ceremony – "Our Life, Our Future"
Paris, France – January 27 – 28, 2011

American Meteorological Society 91st Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA – January 23 – 27, 2011

National Council on Science and the Environment  (NCSE)
Washington DC – January 19 – 21, 2011

Earth Science Information Partnership, Winter Meeting
Washington, DC – January 4 – 6,  2011