2010 SESDA II Conferences

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting
San Francisco, CA – December 13 – 17

SESDA II staff contributed to a large number of presentations and posters at the annual AGU meeting (AGU 2010 Fall meeting, Dec 13-17 San Francisco). Below is a listing which directly includes a SESDA II member by name:

  • NASA Giovanni Tool for Visualization and Analysis Support for the YOTC Program: D. Ostrenga; G. G. Leptoukh; D. E. Waliser; Z. Liu; A. K. Savtchenko
  • Rebuilding and Organizing 1960’s era Nimbus Datasets to 2010 Data Stewardship Expectations: J. F. Moses; S. J. Kempler; A. Al-Jazrawi; E. Zamkoff; I. V. Gerasimov; J. E. Johnson; B. M. Trivedi
  • Results of the Collaborative Energy and Water Cycle Information Services (CEWIS) Workshop on Heterogeneous Dataset Analysis Preparation: S. J. Kempler; W. L. Teng; J. G. Acker; D. R. Belvedere; Z. Liu; G. G. Leptoukh
  • Community-based Services that Facilitate Interoperability and Inter-comparison Between Precipitation Data Sets from Multiple Sources:  Z. Liu; S. J. Kempler; W. L. Teng; G. G. Leptoukh; D. Ostrenga
  • Importance of Vertical Coupling in Agricultural Models on Assimilation of Satellite-derived Soil Moisture: I. E. Mladenova; W. T. Crow; W. L. Teng; P. Doraiswamy
  • New and Improved GLDAS and NLDAS data sets and data services at HDISC/NASA: H. Rui; H. K. Beaudoing; D. M. Mocko; M. Rodell; W. L. Teng; B. Vollmer
  • Issues and Solutions for Bringing Heterogeneous Water Cycle Data Sets Together:J. G. Acker; S. J. Kempler; W. L. Teng; D. R. Belvedere; Z. Liu; G. G. Leptoukh
  • Retrospective Analog Year Analyses Using NASA Satellite Precipitation and Soil Moisture Data to Improve USDA's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates: W.L. Teng; H. Shannon
  • Estimation of Surface Air Temperature from MODIS High Resolution Land Surface Temperature over Northern China: S. Shen; G. G. Leptoukh; I. V. Gerasimov
  • Combining hydrological modeling and remote sensing observations to enable data-driven decision making for Devils Lake flood mitigation in a changing climate: X. Zhang; Y. H. Lim; W. L. Teng; A. Kirilenko
  • Data Access Services that Make Remote Sensing Data Easier to Use: C. Lynnes
  • Eight Year Climatology from observational (AIRS) and model (MERRA) data: T. J. Hearty; A. K. Savtchenko; Y. Won; M. Theobald; B. Vollmer; E. Manning; P. M. Smith; D. Ostrenga; G. G. Leptoukh
  • Experiences Developing A User-centric Presentation of A Domain-enhanced Provenance Data Model: C. Chang; S. Zednik; C. Lynnes; P. A. Fox; D. L. McGuinness; G. G. Leptoukh; J. Pan
  • Helioviewer: Simplifying Your Access to SDO Data: Hughitt, V. K., Ireland, J., Mueller, D., Beck, J., Lyon, D., Dau, A., Dietert, H., Nuhn, M., Dimitoglou, G., & Fleck, B.
  • JHelioviewer: Open-Source Software for Discovery and Image Access in the Petabyte Age (Invited): Mueller, D., Dimitoglou, G., Langenber, M., Pagel, S., Dau, A., Nuhn, M., Garcia Ortiz, J P., Dietert, H., Schmidt, L., Hughitt, V. K., Ireland, J., & Fleck, B.
  • A Provenance Enabled Framework for Subjectivity and Context: Narock, T. & Yoon, V.
  • The VHO, VMO, and VEPO: What do we offer and how are we being used? Alaimo, M., Narock, T., Szabo, A., Cooper, J., Walker, R., & King, T.
  • Statistical Characteristics of Transient Flows in the Magnetosphere Revealed by the Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory: Merka, J., Sibeck, D. G., & Narock, T.
  • Interplanetary Magnetic Field Power Spectrum Variations: A VHO Enabled Study, Szabo, A., Koval A., Merka J., Narock T.
  • Vocabulary for Virtual Observatories and Data System, Hourcle, J. & King, T.
  • Accessing SDO Data in a Pipeline Environment Using the VSO WSDL/SOAP Interface, Suarez Sola, F., Hourcle, J., Amezcua, A., Bogart, R., Davey, A., Gurman, J., Hill, F., Hughitt, V., Martens, P., & Spencer, J.
  • The Many Ways to Access SDO Data, Thompson, B., Hourcle, J., Addison, K., Bogart, R., Chamberlin, P., Dietart, H., Freeland, S., Hughitt, V., Ireland, J., Mueller, D., Somani, A., & Sommers, J.
  • Automated Detection of Oscillatory Signals in the Solar Atmosphere: First Results From SDO-AIA Data, Ireland, J., Young, C., De Pontieu, B., & Mcintosh, S. W.
  • Automated Coronal Seismology: Curvelet Characterization of Probability Maps of Image Data with Oscillatory Signal, Young, C. & Ireland, J.
  • The Solar Dynamics Observatory Education and Public Outreach Program: The First Years, Wawro, M., Drobnes, E., Van Doren, A., & Scherrer, D.K.
  • Accessing SDO Data Through the VSO IDL Client (updated), Gurman, J., Hourcle, J., Amezcua, A., Davey, A., Hughitt, V., Suarez Sola, F., Somani,   A., & Spencer, J.
  • Coronal Mass Ejection Detection using Wavelets, Curvelets and Ridgelets: Applications for Space Weather Monitoring, Gallagher, P.T.,  Young, C. A.,  Byrne, J. P., &  McAteer, R. T. J.
  • The Connection between Small Gamma-ray Flares and SEPs with COMPTEL/CGRO, de Nolfo, G. A. & Young, C.A.
  • Magnetic Field Measurements on the C/NOFS Satellite: Geomagnetic Storm Effects in the Low Latitude Ionosphere, Le, G., Pfaff, R. F., Kepko, E. L., Rowland, D. E., Bromund, K. R., Freudenreich, H., Martin, S. C., Liebrecht, M. C., & Maus, S.
  • Writhing and Rotation of Erupting Prominences and CMEs, Torok, T., Kliem, B., Thompson, W. T., & Berger, M. A.
  • SATPLOT – A New Tool for Analysis of SECCHI Heliospheric Imager Data, de Jong, E. M., Hall, J. R., Liewer, P. C., Howard, R. A., & Thompson, W. T.
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)  & Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Version 7 Algorithm Team Meeting
Huntsville, AL – November 25

41st Cassini CAPS Team Meeting
Annapolis, MD – November 17-19

Seventh European Space Weather Week
Bruges, Belgium – November 15-19

Integrated Stack Technical Interchange Meeting at NASA JSC
Houston, Texas – November 14

Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASS) Meeting
Boston, MA – November 7-12

Large Installation System Administration (LISA) 2010
San Jose, CA – November 7-12

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo
Denver, CO – November 6-10

International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI)
Helwan, Egypt – November 6-10

Interagency (EPA, NOAA, AAAS, NIH, Smithsonian) coordination on Health Showcase for the GEO VII Ministerial Summit
Beijing, China – November 3-5

Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Science Team Meeting
Greenbelt, MD – November 3-5

Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Science Team Meeting
Seattle, WA – November 1-4

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Denver, CO, October 31-November 3

International Symposium on the A-Train Satellite Constellation

New Orleans, LA – October 25-28

2010 Techno Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference
Gaithersburg, MD – October 25-26

American Society of Information Science and Technology
Pittsburgh, PA – October 22-27

9th Earth Science Data Systems Working Group Meeting
New Orleans, LA – October 20-22

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Conference
Pittsburgh, PA – October 20-22

BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010

Las Vegas, NV – October 14-16

35th NWA Annual Meeting

Tucson, AZ – October 2-7

ASTC 2010 Annual Conference and Exhibit Hall
Honolulu, HI – October 2-7

EOS Aura Science Team Meeting
Boulder, CO – September 27-29

NASA Users Services Working Group Meeting
New York, NY – September 21-23

SDO Data in Europe
Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium – September 17

  • Converting FITS files into JPEG2000 Format for use with Helioviewer Project" – Ireland, J. and the Helioviewer Team

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Information Systems and Services  (WGISS) Meeting
Montreal, Canada – September 13-17

Solar Image Processing Workshop V
Les Diablerets, Switzerland – September 12-16,

  • Prominence Eruptions Viewed in 3D by STEREO” – Thompson, W.T.
  • Report on Working Group #3: 3D Reconstruction of the Solar Corona” – Mierla, M. and Thompson, W.T.
  • Automated Detection of Oscillating Regions in the Solar Corona” – Ireland, J., Marsh, M. S., Kucera, T. A., and Young C. A.
  • What the Helioviewer Project Can Do For You” – Hughitt, V.K., Ireland, J., Müller, D.Beck, J., Dau, A., Dietert, H., Lyon, D., Nuhn, M., García Ortiz, J.P., Dimitoglou, G., and Fleck, B.

Space UP
George Washington University, Washington, DC – August 27-28

Advanced Computational Capabilities for Exploration in Heliophysics Science
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO – August 16-18

Second Science Symposium of the Consortium for Heliophysics
NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD – August 13

10th RHESSI Workshop
Annapolis, MD – August 1-5

2nd Annual Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI)
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA – August 2-4

Astronomy Society of the Pacific (ASP)
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO – July 31-August 4

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
July 31

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Summer Solar Science Symposium
Concord, NH – June 28-July 2, 2010

  • The Sun, Living in the Atmosphere of a Star” – Young, C. A.
  • Imaging the Sun, Inside and Out” — Young, C. A.
  • The Dynamic Sun, Solar Storms and Space Weather – Part I and II” – Young, C. A.

International Geoscience Remote Sensing Symposium
Honolulu, HI – July 27-29

COP-16 coordination meeting lead by the State Department

International Society of Optics and Photonics Exhibition on Astronomical Instrumentation (SPIE)
San Diego, CA – June 27-July 22

National Scout Jamboree
Fort A.P. Hill, VA- July 27-Aug

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting
Knoxville, TNKnoxville, TNJuly 20-23,

Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)
Bremen, Germany July 18-25

  • "CME-Related Phenomena and Solar Flares" — Nitta, N., Aschwanden, M., Freeland, S., Lemen, J., Wuelser, Jean-Pierre, Zarro, D., 2010
  • "Joint STEREO-HINODE Observations of Coronal Dimming and Waves Associated with a CME/Flare Event" — Nitta, N., Aschwanden, M., Frank, Z., Slater, G., Tarbell, T., Zarro, D., 2010
  • "Coronal Mass Ejection Detection Using Wavelets, Curvelets and Ridgelets: Applications for Space Weather Monitoring" — Gallagher, P. T., Young, C. A., Byrne, J. P., McAteer, R. T. J., 2010
  • "Strong Rotation of an Erupting Quiescent Polar Crown Prominence" — Thompson, W. T., 2010

Solar Physics Division (SPD)
May 23-27, 2010, Miami, FL

  • "Cloudy Solar Software – Enhanced Capabilities for Finding, Pre-processing, and Visualizing Solar Data" — Laszlo, E Tolbert, K., Schwartz, R., Zarro, D., Dennis, B., Csillaghy, A.,2010
  • "Coronal Dimming And Waves Observed In Flare-Associated CMEs" — Nariaki, N., Aschwanden, M., Freeland, S.,  Lemen, J., Wuelser, J., Zarro, D., 2010
  • "Solar Mashups: Interacting with, Extending, and Embedding Helioviewer.org and JHelioviewer" — Hughitt, K.V,  Ireland, J., Müller, D.,  Langenberg, M., Pagel, S.,  Schmidt, L., Harper, J., Dimitoglou, G., & Fleck, B, 2010
  • "A Simple and Customizable Web Interface to the Virtual Solar Observatory" –Hughitt, K.V,  Hourcle, J.,  Suarez-Sola, I., & Davey, A., 2010
  • "Accessing SDO Data Through the VSO IDL Client" — Hourcle, J. Amezcua, A., Davey, A., Hughitt, V.K. Spencer, J., Suarez Sola, I., Somani, A., VSO Team, 2010
  • "SDO Data Access Via The Virtual Solar Observatory" — Hill, F., Gurman, J., Martens, P., Bogart, R., Davey, A., Hourcle, J., Suarez Sola, F., Hughitt, V.K., Spencer, J., Reardon, K., Amezcua, A., 2010
  • "SDO Data Distribution And Access With VSO" –Davies, A.R..,  Amezcua, A., Bogart, R., Hourcle, J., Spencer, J., Suarez Sola, I., VSO Team, 2010
  • "Bayesian Analysis of RHESSI Flare Spectra" — Ireland, J., Holman, G. D., Tolbert, A. K., Dennis, B. R., Schwartz, R. A., 2010
  • "JHelioviewer: Taming the Torrent of SDO Data" –Mueller, D., Langenberg, M., Pagel, S., Schmidt, L., Garcia-Ortiz, J. P., Dimitoglou, G., Hughitt, V. K., Ireland, J., Fleck, B., 2010
  • "The Helioviewer Project: Browsing, Visualizing and Accessing Petabytes of Solar Data" — Mueller, D., Hughitt, V. K., Langenberg, M., Ireland, J., Pagel, S., Schmidt, L., Garcia-Ortiz, J. P., Dimitoglou, G., Fleck, B., 2010
  • "Strong Rotation Of An Erupting Quiescent Polar Crown Prominence" — Thompson, W. T.
  • "Comparison Of STEREO EUVI Images With GONG Far-side Image Predictions" — Thompson, W.T.

American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting
Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC. April 15-18

NASA Software Working Group leads meeting
Kennedy Space Center, April 12-15

40th Anniversary of Earth Day
April 17-25, National Mall, Washington DC.

National Space Symposium
April 12-15, Colorado Springs, CO.

The "Titan Through Time" public night
SESDA 2 staff organized, took place on April 6, 2010

STEREO Science Working Group (SWG) Meeting
March 2010, Dublin, Ireland

  • "Advanced Image Processing" — Young, C. A.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference
Philadelphia, PA March

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Oceans 2010 Meeting
Portland, Oregon