AP062 Scientific Software Developer

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We are seeking a Senior Scientific Software Developer with 5-10 years experience to perform server-side software enhancement, maintenance, integration, testing, configuration management, and user support. The mission of the FSSC is to serve scientific data and software to the Fermi user community, to support mission operations, mission planning, and proposal tools, and to collaborate with the Fermi instrument teams to promote the successful use and analysis of Fermi mission data.

The ideal candidate would be able to take the lead and work independently on projects, as well as work one-on-one with members of the scientific staff. All work will be coordinated with the team, and performed within the context of the programming practices and existing software systems already developed by the team.  A strong background in physical science is required, and a broad interest in the scientific objectives of the Fermi mission and/or high-energy astrophysics in general is a plus.
  • Sr. Scientific Software Developer with 5-10 years experience
  • Programming Skills: C++, Python
  • Platforms:  Linux
  • Education: Bachelors or Masters degree in physics, astronomy etc.
  • Experience with gamma-ray and X-ray mission software analysis systems, including the Fermi Science Tools and HEASoft
  • Experience with automated data transfer/ingest systems, pipelines, and multi-node batch processing systems.
  • Programming Skills: MySQL, Perl

This position is with teammate KBRwyle.


***This job is with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s SESDA 3 contract and therefore requires US citizenship or US Permanent Resident****

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