SESDA Staff Expose “Jack-o’-Lantern” Sun

October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Sun 2014
An image taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on October 8 bears an eerie resemblance to a familiar Halloween sight. “Active regions on the Sun combined to look something like a solar jack-o’-lantern’s face,” said Joe Witte of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “The active regions in this image appear brighter because those are areas that emit more light and energy,” explained Witte. He also noted that: “This image blends together two sets of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.” The report was picked up by CNN and numerous other news outlets. More details are available in a story written by ADNET’s Karen Fox, with additional support from ADNET Senior System Administrator Aaron Lepsch of Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

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